Skills & Services

Juliet Ike as an Entrepreneur possess High Skills in the following;

– Skill Discovery and Development
– Talent Management
– Creative Thinking
– Human Resource Strategies
– Corporate Training
– Human Relation and Productivity
– Leadership & Directing
– Business Strategies
– Book Publishing
– Copywriting
– Content Creation & Marketing
– Public Speaking
– Digital Marketing
– Blogging, Podcasting and Vlogging
– Project Coordination
– Cosmetology & Skin Care and more

Her services ranges from;

Assisting in sales Marketing through creating compelling copies and contents
Coaching and mentoring on Self Discovery, Talent maximization and monetization
Personal and Business Brand Expert and assisting as a Content Marketer for SMEs and top Organizations
Organizing and curating structures and strategies for bureacratic Organizations especially businesses and NGOs
Assist as an Accountability Partner for achieving both short and long term goals for individuals and businesses
Book Publishing Consultant and experienced Editor
Program Coordinator and experienced event planner
Seasoned Teacher of PD and Contributes her quota in helping one live an Intentional and purposeful life
Experienced Skin Care and beauty consultant with a touch of excellence These she does among many others.

” Intentionality is the mother of Development. if you are not ready to commit to the change you desire, then be ready to give up at the battlefield.”

Juliet Ike