Here are resources written and published by Juliet Ike; lessons from which comprises of her undiluted knowledge on life, Personal Development and Leadership.

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Ever wondered your WHY for existence?

Are you lost as to finding what really works for you and sticking with it?

Then here is a Resource you should lay hold on. It takes you from just finding to knowing and mastering your talents as a Creative.

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Skills for Neo-Economy

The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial.

ALIEN (Your Fears doesn't exist)

A lot of people especially Creatives are scared of launching, especially with the too many uncertainties they have filled their minds with.

This book is a cracker, no cap!

It will help you get rid of those voices shunning your spirit and resisting you from attaining the heights you have always dreamt of.

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Every Employee's Guide

Ever in need of a guide to Help you get your Dream job worth beyond your qualification, then you should get this book.

It contains extra units of how to write a compelling CV, Cover Page and how to deal your dream job right at the Interview room.

Skills For Neo-Economy
Still wondering what the new oil is? It's SKILLS baby! Well, sorry if your temperament doesn't allow me to call you that, but I had to tell you what you're already missing out without possessing a Valuable Skill in 2021. This is a practical book that will expose you to suitable skills you can learn to impact the world and make tons of money while doing it.