Talent Coach | Skill Strategist | Affiliate Marketer | Corporate Trainer | Community Development Expert

Juliet Ike is a Talent Coach and Skill Development Strategist. A young mind with the vision to help Africa navigate through Underdevelopment and Financial Insecurities by raising forerunners for the course.

She seek to develop strategies in discovering potents, developing and mastering them as they become problem-solving products with ability to build Influence, create Wealth and establish financial sustainablity with it.

Simply put, She works with Creatives and 9 to 5 Individuals in developing their talents and as well learn high-income skills that are Sustainable. Her approach to solving delicate and lifelong problems has been termed distinct with a deep touch of foresight and quantitative analysis which has distinguished her amongst others making her Unusual.

Juliet is the Founder of Maverick Skill Hub; an Academy that Communicates skill inclusion and acceleration, instills into individuals Personal Development Techniques, Branding and Entrepreneurship by showing them to leverage on creating and building intellectual assets and properties leveraging on digital platforms and tools.

She has authored books (signature book; Skills For Neo-Economy is a must-have for anyone ready to break into the international markets with skills and talents), curated courses, organized trainings, Summits and world class event that see to the gospel she preaches and has overtime grown from a Trainer to a Seasoned and highly sought-after Coach in her field. She has simply helped young Talents make informed Skill decisions hence contributing to their growth and development.

Juliet is a Campus Ambassador for International MUN where she also interned as a Student for Business Development. She is a Certified holder in Human Resource and Working With Students With Special Needs from Alison Training Institute.

Being passionate in contributing to solving development and economic problems, She is a Career Expert and Community Development Advocate. Her advocacy in Careerism led her into founding a Network and Community both geared towards Youth Development, Empowerment and Sustainability as it sets the pace for others to follow in building influence, impact and income across Africa and the world at large.

With her Community Building Exceptional Skills and Talents (BEST), She has given over 5700 Creatives the platform to lend their voice in showing the beauties of Africa to the world, empowered them with the knowledge and resources they need to stand out in their fields and sectors, thereby giving them an edge in competing in the global market. Every year She hosts a Masterclass to educate youths on Digital literacy and has successfully trained over 1500 persons in the last two editions.

A Certified member of Yali Network, and an alumni where she served as the Deputy NYSC Coordinator during her service in Kebbi State. She is a graduate with Bachelor’s degree in the field of Sociology with Second Class Upper Division at the Prestigious University of Port Harcourt.

Juliet is also a Seasoned Content Creator, Copywriter and Entrepreneur. She works with individuals and brands as a Freelancer  in creating compelling copies that drives traffic, attract their ideal Customers and increases sales.

She runs Maka Reliable Source And Consults (MRSConsults); a company that see to brands and individual productivity, helping clients faced with poor growth, sales and Productivity

. As a Writing and Consulting Firm, it provides clients with solid knowledge in Human Resource, Authorship and Publishing, other of her services are Writing, Content Creation, Editing & Proofreading, Graphics & Web design, Corporate Trainings, Business Branding & Audit for both Personal & Business brands showing them on how to navigate through competition for increased/maximum Productivity, Organizational Strategies for Start-ups and more.

An Entrepreneur with High Skills such as;

– Talent Management

– Skill Discovery and Development

– Copywriting

– Digital Marketing

– Affiliate Marketing

– Human Resource Strategies

– Public Speaking & Corperate Trainings

– Human Relation and Productivity

– Leadership

– Business Strategies

– Book Publishing

– Blogging, Podcasting and Vlogging

– Project Management

– Cosmetology & Skin Care

She is an Ambassador of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals targeted towards No Poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDGs Goal 1, 8, 9 & 11) and it was upon this bedrock She established “Light Africa Network” (formerly, The Lighters Foundation). A network geared towards Youths and Sustainable Development.

She is a member of Youth Human Rights International  and one of the Board of Trustees for “The Committee of Human Rights Rivers State Branch”, member and Board of Trustee for “Rivers State Bloggers Community”; an association of Bloggers to disseminate useful and valuable information to the people of the state, Member 360 Volunteer Network and has long embraced volunteerism & Community Development Service Projects. She has worked with Organizations like Mary Remarkable Foundation, The Valuable Woman Network, PIND Foundation, MADAV Foundation, Cherish Remi Foundation and recently NYSC where she executed three notable projects during her Service year for her Host community.

Her desire to help replicate herself made her run channels of impact with inputs in her blog and she is whining to launch her podcast and vlog. She founded Tea With Juliet; an avenue created in sharing ways by which people can live a fulfilled life and she has been able to reach a cumulative of over 5000 readers with presence in over 12 countries since her establishment.

With her love for Skin care, she paints a beautiful story against inferiority and ignorance in wealth of knowledge as She raised the toast (PROUD) for skin beauty. As a way of representing the Black culture, she bids to create a “self-conscious notion amongst Africans”;  the need for her to be proud of her skin colour and avoid defaming it. She preaches this gospel through her Company Maka Beauty Hub where she enlightens her clients on Skin care, beauty and life,  she provides them with Organic Products in solving their skin problems by achieving a perfect tone-glow, offers Skin Care Consultation, Sells other beauty products for hair, deodorants etc.

With her deep Communicative effect and wealth of knowledge, She has been invited to Speak Online and Offline, National and as well on International platforms like BACs Africa (Uganda), “Inspirational Women TV (Zambia), “Salvation TV” (Rivers State Nigeria), ” Kebbi Television Station” etc.

She has also been featured and interviewed on several magazines like Jidekaiji Global Magazine, UPWRITE Magazine, KMP Magazine, Trybizz Magazine, NYSC Magazine, LOWO Magazine amongst several others.

She has won and had been nominated for several awards like “25Under25 100 SME Awards, “Superwoman Under 30 Awards, “Ava  Awards” (on 5 Categories), The Iconic Brand Awards”, “Jidekaiji Under 30 Impact Awards”, “Peak Ladies Award” (on 3 Categories), “Inkbled Africa Social Impact Awards” and many others, these and more had brought her to the spotlights where she has continuously shown her light and beauty.

She is the god of IMPACTS and for all of these, she has committed her entirety to blessing and Impacting lives as she is open to collaborations and partnerships.