Maka Reliable Source And Consults is a company that solves the problem of ineffective productivity, thereby unburdening her clients of toiling much for growth, sales and Productivity.

We leverage on digital tools, products and channels like content creation, Copywriting and Storytelling in building solidified techniques for seeing to our Clients growth thereby helping them drive traffic, attract their desired customers and increased sales.

A writing and Consulting Firm that renders Writing services and help individuals publish their intellectual assets and properties. Other of our services had ranged from Cooperate Trainings, Personal Branding, Restructuring for already existing Company on how to navigate through unproductivity to increased/maximum Productivity, Organizational Strategies for Start-ups and more.

Skills for Neo-Economy
The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial.
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