This is an organization focused on building a network of Creatives like Writers, Poets, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners who would change the narrative of these spheres in the global world.

Our mandate is to help you build Influence, Impact and Sustainable Income around what you love; which are by-products of conscious and intentional efforts in converting your wealth of knowledge and expertise to intellectual properties and assets.

We are constantly raising the bar and cheering Members into active involvement in championing both Personal Development, Branding, Business and Sustainable Growth.

We create room for Members to discover themselves, uncover their potentials, navigate through vision, find Purpose, develop their skills and talents, build valuable networks with pivotal channel of digital tools in showcasing the true nature of Christ on earth.

Here, Members Intentionality is vital as taking conscious steps into becoming the better version of herself irrespective of the limitations surrounding her growth.

We allow individuals to liberally share disposable yet quality contents and wealth of knowledge thereby giving her the opportunity to attract her targeted audience who will in turn become clients.

This is where your ink bleeds and just as our motto says; … writing till your ink fades
We give room to members to passionately flex their talent prowess and show their skills to it’s peak.
This is where the Legendary Part of you surfaces.

Skills for Neo-Economy
The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial.
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