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Juliet is an Exceptional and Phenomenal Individual from Africa, ready to change the narratives of African Development by building individuals and showing them ways to make money leveraging on Skills and talents.


Hi there!

I’m Juliet Ike

A Skill Development Strategist and Talent Coach. Out of my love for what I do, I founded the Maverick Skill Hub.

An Academy that promotes Skill inclusion, acceleration, Personal Development and Branding.

The Vision is to see that every Creative can develop, master and build wealth with their skills and Talents.

Our goal is to see that you can efficiently utilize your multi-potentialite attributes by Creating intellectual properties and assets…read more.

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I’m All About One Thing: Helping to Discover your Skills and abilities, showing you Practical steps to developing and mastering it and ensuring you can Monetize it even as you build Sustainability doing it.

I Help Individual Grow

I help you discover your talents and skills, Coach you through gaining clarity and understanding the Business in your craft.

I help you develop those skills and succinctly see that you can monetize it.

As a professional and Topnotch Human Resource, I train and consult for already existing organizations and start-ups in branding their businesses, showing them to build a profitable and formidable brand through rudimentary processes of establishing a global terrain.


Maka Reliable Sources And Consults

Maka Reliable Source And Consults is a company that solves the problem of ineffective productivity, thereby unburdening her clients of toiling much growth, sales and Productivity. We leverage on digital tools, products and channels like content creation, Copywriting and Storytelling in building solidified techniques for seeing to our Clients growth thereby helping them drive traffic, attract their desired customers and increased sales.

The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial. Find Out More

Inkbled Africa

This is an organization focused on building a network of Creatives like Writers, Poets, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners who would change the narrative of these spheres in the global world.

Our mandate is to help you build Influence, Impact and Sustainable Income around what you love; which are by-products of conscious and intentional efforts in converting your wealth of knowledge and expertise to intellectual properties and assets.


Merch are vital tools of network especially in building visibility and influence.
It is our dream that every Member of our community has at least one of it to share the beautiful stories that we paint and tell them better with inks.

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Maka Beauty Hub

Ever desire an ever glowing and clear skin?

Then you should make Maka Beauty Hub your plug.

A company that promotes and encourages healthy skin by helping clients solve all skin care issues with the use of Organic Products.

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Light Africa Network

In 2018, Juliet Ike started an organization with the aim to see Youth Development and Sustainablity achieved in African countries.
Ever since, she has committed to engaging in activities and projects that will propagate this process through the various arms she founded.

Light Africa Network is one of those; her aim is geared towards Youth and Sustainable Development.

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Juliet seek to replicate herself in the life of others and as such, she created channels with with you can access her wealth bank.

I must confess, I was satisfied with the Content Writing Training offered at Maverick Skill Hub. The training was interactive, well understandable with assignments and corrections. I have come to understand the essential aspect of Content writing and most of my doubts cleared. Every aspiring Content Writer needs to go through this training, all thanks to our Instructor.
Ogbonna Doris Gegbechi
Taking every opportunity to add to my knowledge bank, I bulged into Juliet Ike's "Write Like a Pro" course, it was worth my last penny. Obviously, Juliet Ike is a woman of quality, despite our little monetary commitment she had two professionals for the course. Deep secrets were unveiled, personally, I improved especially in my poems and content/creative writing. My writer's block challenge was being handled from the knowledge I got from the class, you should book her today.
Matilda Gold
"Coach to Pro" mentorship session at the Maverick Skill Hub was all I needed. The sessions were power-packed, imagine when you are being taken from opaque to light, I felt the impact right inside of me. It pushed me to think outside the box and helped build my self-esteem and I can boldly say that I trust her with my heart crossed. If opportuned to take another course with her, again, I wouldn't hesitate. You should learn With Juliet Ike!
Chinedum Blessing


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+234 701 522 2672 /08105699322

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10 Tripple D Avenue, Off Megida Ayobo Lagos State Nigeria.

Open Hours

Mon-Fri 09:00 - 19:00 Sat-Sun 10:00 - 14:00

Skills for Neo-Economy
The creative economy not only requires new and rapidly changing skills, it requires a completely new approach to education in which collaborative learning and mutual respect between the traditional disciplines of arts, science and technology will be crucial.
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